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This name symbolizes a mountainous region - a castle and a monument and it stands for a fascinating uniqueness. The Kyffhaeuser Mountains situated in the south of the Harz Mountains are not only impressing by their geological and botanical variety but by their historico - cultural importance. Only parts of the Reichsburg Kyffhausen, one of the largest castles of the Middle Ages are preserved, so some ruins are worth looking at and you can find the deepest castle well of the world here. But the mountain with their castle on it became famous all over Germany because of that, what it is hidden inside the mountain: "the sleeping Emperor Barbarossa in his subterranean castle" The Legend of Barbarossa created in the end of the Middle Ages, promoted to a national legend in the 19th century, is one of the most famous legends of Germany today.
To mark this occasion the National Monument of Emperor Wilhelm, the Kyffhaeuser Monument was erected nearby the Romanesque ruins of the Reichsburg Kyffhausen.

A mountainous region - a castle and a monument